Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology

Replica of a heel bone of a man that had been crucified. This is the only physical evidence of crucifixion that had been found.The lamp is a Herodian Lamp from the time
of Jesus.

3D raise Relief Map of the Holy Land. The map is 3 feet by 6 feet with major Biblical locations marked.

An Early Bronze Age water jug with an Iron Age Trifoil pitcher and bowl. Some new additions to the Museum waiting to go under the glass for display .

An Iron Age Sword and axe head (both bronze) with several Iron Age vessels and cooking pot.

Limestone Ossuary (bone box) from 30 BC - 70 AD.

Hellenistic wooden Egyptian Mummy Mask.

Middle Bronze (time of Abraham) and Late Bronze (time of Moses) bronze battle implements.

A wooden Threshing Sledge that is only a few hundred years old (recent history!)

Roman Period burial urn with various juglets

Alabaster Perfume Bottle from the Roman Period

Herodian style Olive Oil flask

Vessels from early in the Late Bronze period