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Hello All,
First, I want to wish you all a very Merry and Blessed Christmas! I also want to inform you that the Museum has two exhibits that are special and need to be seen during the month of December.
The first is an exhibit that we call "Light of the World" and is a display of 75 oil lamps from all periods of Biblical History, from before Abraham to the Early Church Periods. I believe you will be blessed from the message that goes along with this display. Open the attachment for photos. This event runs the month of December, but the Museum will be open for walk-ins from December 3rd - December 15th from 1 PM until 8 PM. If you desire to come any other time you need to contact the museum and reserve that time. Groups are welcome and we would be happy to give docent tours, if requested.
The second exhibit is called "Bethlehem Village", and is a 12x 6 feet miniature display of village life in the time of Christ. The characters and structures are from the Italian Fontanini collection and we have 25 structures and 75 characters. If you enjoy miniatures then this is worth your journey to the Museum.
Again, I wanted to issue you a personal Christmas greeting and invite you to view these special exhibits for the Christmas Season.
God Bless And Hope To see You Soon,
Carl Morgan
(As always, there is no charge for the Museum, however, there is a box near the door that welcomes your donations.)