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Museum Banquet
There are now only 23 tickets left for our annual Museum Banquet. The date is Friday, September 30th and the doors open at 6 PM. A catered dinner by the Anderson Family in Winters will be served at 6:30 PM. The meal will be fully catered and the cost is $20 per person (the same as last year). Dr. Robert Mullins of Azusa Pacific University will be our guest lecturer this year. Dr. Mullins has been involved with several archaeological excavations, including Beth Shean in Israel and Tel Rehov in the Jordan Valley.

Archaeology Lecture Event
Dr. Robert Mullins, of Azusa Pacific University will lecture at our Museum on Saturday evening, October 1st, at 6 PM. He will be sharing about his work in both Beth Shean and Maacah. Dr. Mullins just completed another season of digging at Maacah, so you will receive fresh information about the site. There is no charge for the lecture and you are welcome to invite your friends.

See a picture of the relief map on the museum newsletter, or better yet come see it at our museum. You will enjoy it!

What A Difference A Little Paint Makes!
Two years ago at our Museum Banquet, I presented a goal of purchasing a large 3D raised relief map of the Holy Land. It has taken this long to finally announce that we have that map in our possession and will formally reveal it at the banquet. We hired a local artist, Doug Souza, to paint it and he did a wonderful job.